SNRO Document Range NRIV

To create SNRO Document Range here are a few simple steps to create them.

SNRO is the general transaction to maintain number ranges for business objects such as accounting documents (FI), control documents (CO), sales orders (SD), etc. Additionally, other transactions are available to maintain application-specific number ranges.

To create SNRO Document Range.

1.- First Go to the SNRO transaction and enter the name of the object (ZVO_EXP_IN)

SNRO Document Range

2.- Second We go to the tab GO TO, RANGE OF NUMBERS.

SNRO Document Range

3.- Third Select the Company and the Rank and the last consecutive one will appear.

SNRO Document Range

4.- Also In the NRIV table you can see the objects and ranges.

SNRO Document Range

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SAP SNRO transaction

The SAP SNRO transaction code allows you to create and maintain number ranges for use with your ABAP programs. Here are the simple steps required to create a range of numbers. To access the next number in the range from your ABAP code, just call the NUMBER_GET_NEXT function module with the relevant details.

Step 1: SAP number range transaction
Run tcode SNRO and enter a name for your new number range (i.e. ZNRANGE)

Step 2: details of the number range object
Press the create button and fill in the details screen of the number range object, now press save. Read the pop-up and click Yes if you are satisfied with the selected buffering method.

Step 3: real number ranges
Now press the ‘Number Ranges’ button to keep the ranges associated with this object.

Step 4: number range interval (s)
Press the interval change button (pencil) to create a new interval and keep the existing ones

Step 5 – Add number range interval
Press the range button + to add a new range of numbers to your object.

Fill in the corresponding details, such as the number from and to, then press the Insert (+) button to add the interval to the number range object.

Also note that the id (No) except 01 or 1 and when you run FM NUMBER_GET_NEXT you will need to pass the exact id you enter here, also make sure to create them the same way on each system (i.e DEV, QAS, PRD, etc. ..) otherwise it will work for some and not others.

Step 6: created interval
You should now include the number range interval. Press save, read the info message, and then press the green checkmark. Now your number range has been created.

Use the NUMBER_GET_NEXT function module in your ABAP code to get the next number in your number range

Also, just for information, the details of the number range are stored in the following tables:

TNRO – Numnber ranges
NRIV – Number Range Intervals